Ingo Helmel

Ingo Helmel | Vice President | Helmel Engineering Products, Inc.

Tenacious, loyal, and dedicated, Ingo Helmel holds nearly five decades of expertise in his industry as a successful engineer, marketer, salesman, and business leader.  Since 1984, he has excelled as vice president and the western regional sales manager at Helmel Engineering Products, Inc., a prominent family-run manufacturer of coordinate measuring machines and inspection software. Within the business, which has offices on both coasts and whose reach expands to Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, and China, some of his responsibilities include but are not limited to sales, system and machine installations, software training, calibration, working with and supporting clients, and representing their services at a major trade show every two years.

Mentored by his father, Erwin Helmel, a mechanical engineer who founded the company in 1973, Mr. Helmel has been actively involved from a young age. When he was seven, he would go with his father to the company’s machine shop on weekends, exploring and asking questions; always mathematics- and science-minded, he understood the fundamentals of metrology by 10 and began sweeping floors in the shop and learning the basics of machining and building parts at 12. He took a drafting class in high school and started designing parts, advancing to the assembly department and ultimately working in software development. While fully employed and building his reputation at the company, he pursued formal education and followed in his father’s footsteps by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Windsor in Canada, from which he graduated with honors in 1995. He has remained abreast of the industry as an active member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and American National Standards Institute.

Upon reflection on his career, Mr. Helmel considers 2005 a particularly significant and exciting year for him and Helmel Engineering Products Inc. Primarily based in New York, he and those running the company realized a presence on the West Coast was crucial in order to grow the business as well as address sales and support more effectively. With this in mind, he committed to taking on the task of expanding by venturing out to Orange, California to establish and manage what is now its West Office branch, which has made a grand impact on the business and allowed them to build and support their customer base substantially.

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